ECUC member organization

ECUC Moderators
As a diverse alliance of 28 institutions the ECUC must have an effective organization. Three moderators (institutions) are elected by the members and lead the coalition for a twelve months period. As an industry voice we thus ensure a well balanced position across all institutes and countries. Currently Commerzbank AG, KBC Bank NV and Nordea Bank Abp are elected moderators.

We have established five workstreams: Steering, Cloud Service Provider, Cloud Security Alliance, Policy Makers and Public & Internal Relations. Each member institution participates in at least one workstream:

Workstream Steering

This workstream provides the overall ECUC planning. The workstream coordinates the updates of the Position Paper and the Checklist. Furthermore it develops utilities for an easier collaboration within ECUC and keeps the internal member governance up to date.

This workstream is moderated by Monika Njegac-Wagner (Commerzbank AG) and Walter Adriaens (KBC Bank NV).

Workstream Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

The workstream CSP is responsible for the contacts with all cloud service providers who wish to have exchange with the ECUC. Dedicated contacts take care of providers and ensure the regular exchange of experiences.

This workstream is moderated by Christian Weltermann (Commerzbank AG).

Workstream Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

The ECUC workstream CSA focuses mainly on the collaboration with Cloud Security Alliance to create a specific Cloud Control Matrix Addendum for Financial Services in Europe. Such CCM Financial Services Addendum can e.g. be used as an audit norm for banks and therefore helps to increase compliant public cloud usage.

This workstream is moderated by Tuan-Anh Pham (ING Group N.V.) and Christian Gorke (Commerzbank AG).

Workstream Policy Makers

To ensure our role as an industry voice and to establish the ECUC as a trusted advisor for cloud matters, the Policy Makers workstream aims to maintain relationships with European Policy Makers and Supervisors. The workstream also ensures a coordinated relationship to other industry organizations by for instance produce common position papers.

This workstream is moderated by Andreas Widegren (Nordea Bank Abp) and Verena Bitter (Commerzbank AG).

Workstream Public & Internal Relations

The workstream Public & Internal Relations is reponsible for the communication and PR activities of the coalition. Communication guidelines, press releases and website contents are discussed and developed to enhance the awareness and impact of the ECUC.

A variety of colleagues within ECUC and workstream moderators are listed below.

Walter Adriaens, ECUC Workstream 1 Co-Moderator

Walter Adriaens, ECUC Moderator and ECUC Workstream Steering Moderator

Walter is a department head at KBC Bank NV, responsible for the public cloud and on premise private cloud offering at KBC Bank NV. He’s also responsible for the teams that manage and maintain the application servers of KBC. In the ECUC he’s a co-moderator for the Steering workstream next to that he also moderates, organizes and participates in discussions with CSPs.

Verena Bitter, ECUC Coordinator for European Supervision / Authorities

Verena Bitter, ECUC Workstream Policy Makers Moderator

Verena is a Senior Policy Advisor at Commerzbank’s Brussels Liaison office. As a Public Affairs expert, she is responsible for the moderation of workstream Policy Makers in the ECUC. Verena supports the ECUC in translating its technical findings into regulatory requirements. Verena further prepares and organizes exchanges with European institutions.

Dr. Heiko Drebes, ECUC Workstream 4 Moderator

Dr. Heiko Drebes, ECUC Expert on Privacy and Data Protection

Heiko is Chief Privacy Officer and Head of Group Data Protection at Deutsche Börse Group. He is supporting ECUC as an expert on privacy and data protection topics. Heiko has worked for over 2 decades in the area of data protection and advised cross-industry and pan-European on data protection with respect to cloud implementation.

Robin van Gessel, ECUC Expert for Information Risk Management

Robin is an expert lead in Information Risk Management, currently heading the team Risk Management for Innovation & Technology in ABN AMRO. Next to Information Risk Management, Robin is also involved in Privacy/GDPR and Data Management Risks.

Christian Gorke, ECUC Workstream 2 Moderator

Christian Gorke, ECUC Workstream CSA Moderator

Christian leads the Cyber Center of Excellence team at Commerzbank AG which focusses on cloud, security, and data protection. He is responsible for the CSA workstream of the ECUC, including Position Paper, and strategy.

Aparna Krishnan, ECUC Expert for IT and Cyber Risk Management

Aparna is an experienced professional who has been working in the field of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC). She has experience implementing IT and cyber risk management solutions, leveraging industry standards like ISO 27001 and COBIT and works on implementing regulatory requirements within ING.

Almir Mutapcic, ECUC Moderator

Almir Mutapcic

Almir is the Head of Retail Data Analytics and CRM at BAWAG Group. He organizes, moderates, and participates in discussions between ECUC and CSPs.

Monika Njegac-Wagner, ECUC Moderator

Monika Njegac-Wagner, ECUC Moderator and ECUC Workstream Steering Moderator

Monika has several years of experience in controlling, project management and regulatory at Commerzbank AG. She manages the complete planning of the ECUC. Monika is one of the ECUC Moderators and leads the Steering workstream. Furthermore, she supports the workstreams Policy Makers and Public & Internal Relations.

Tuan-Anh Pham, ECUC Workstream 2 Moderator

Tuan-Anh Pham, ECUC Workstream CSA Moderator

Tuan-Anh has been working for ING Groep N.V. for over 31 years, and has a strong background in System Development, System Architecture, Security and Risk Management. Currently Tuan-Anh holds a Senior Non-Financial Risk Officer position at Corporate Information Risk Management of ING Groep N.V. He is responsible as leading Information Risk Manager on Cloud Computing. In addition, Tuan-Anh is also a Subject Matter Expert on Sourcing risks & Third-Party Risk Management and the Data Privacy related to GDPR.

Torsten Sämann, ECUC Workstream 4 Moderator

Torsten Sämann, Expert on Privacy, Data Protection and CSP in Cloud & KI adoption

Torsten is Cloud Manager with Deutsche Kreditbank AG. He is supporting various ECUC workstreams as an expert on privacy and data protection topics in Cloud & KI.
He had co-chaired the ECUC workstreams “Policy Makers” and (former) “Privacy”. He has organized talks to CSPs where the ECUC viewpoints on the ECUC Checklist and the ECUC Position Paper were discussed.
Torsten has worked for over 12 years in the area of Cloud consulting. He is now focussed on using Artificial Intelligence as part of Public Cloud adoption in the Financial Industry.

Christian Weltermann, ECUC Moderator

Christian Weltermann, ECUC Moderator and ECUC Workstream CSP Moderator

Christian is a Senior Specialist at Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Commerzbank AG. More than two decades of experience in information technology in the banking sector, including 8+ years in public cloud adoption. Christian is active as CSP Moderator and supports the Workstream Policy Makers.

Andreas Widegren, ECUC Moderator and ECUC Workstream Policy Makers Moderator

Andreas Widegren is Head of Public Policy, Sweden at Nordea Bank Abp. His focus lies on digital questions such cloud, resilience, and Open Finance. He co-chairs the Policy Makers workstream which ensure ECUC presence with policy makers.